Terms and conditions


The name of the Project is GOLDEN SHOPPING MALL ( The “ Project”) The shop/Office in this centre as offered by the Buyer or its successors - in- interest or assigns to any Buyer or its successors-in-Interest and assigns on Ownership Basis under the following terms & Conditions.

  1. Price and Payment
  1. The BASIC PRICE of the Shop / Office space does not Include “extra payment” for choice of shop / office registration charges documentation charges, stamp duty, legal expenses , main line connection and meter charges for electricity water and gas the cost of upgrades and such extra cost and any miscellaneous expenses (the “ the additional charges”) which may be incurred by the seller in fulfilling the formalities of various departments on behalf of the buyer the buyer undertakes to the seller all the additional charges in cash within fifteen (15) days of the demand made in writing by the Seller. These additional charges shall be paid by Buyer in cash on demand.
  2. Promote payment at the due date for each and every installment as per annexure of this schedule of payment is desired.
  3. All additional payments must be received by the seller within fifteen (15) days from the issuance of the demand notice under the schedule mode of payment. The will be sent to the address given in the booking form.
  4. If the payment is not received within fifteen (15) days of the NOTICE, the shop/office allotment will be cancelled and the amount deposited by the buyer up to that time, will be refunded after deducting 10% of the total price of the shop/Office space as administration charges. The subject will be made once a suitable buyer for the buyer’s Shop/Office space is found and within 30 days of the payment made by the second buyer.
  5. If during the term of the payment under the annexure hereto, the buyer causes two notice to be served through registered mail, the seller reserves the right to cancel such allotment without any further intimation to the buyer and re allot the same Shop/Office to any person(s) and the previous buyer shall have no objection to this action.
  6. Payment may be made by cash/pay order/bank draft and deposited at the head office or sent by registered post acknowledgment due head office of the seller, mentioned at the beginning of the booking form. All payments, other than cash, must be made in the name of KHAN BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO., through payee’s account only.
  7. The buyer, if wishes, can withdraw his money on surrendering to the seller all the original receipts of the allotment agreement. In such case, the seller will refund to the buyer the amount deposited till that time less the actual costs incurred to date, on behalf of the buyer, an amount equivalent to 10% of the total price of the Shop/Office as administration charges. The subject refund will be made after deduction once a suitable buyer for the buyer’s Shop/Office is found within thirty (30) days of the payment made by the second buyer.
  8. Price is fixed and there will be NO ESCALATION provided installment should be paid by the buyer in accordance with the mode of payment as per the schedule of payment attached hereto.


    1. Allotment will be strictly on first come-First-Served basis
    2. Buyer who books Shop/Office on behalf of a third person must submit a duly registered power of Attorney at the time of Registry
    3. The shop/Office are designed to fulfill optimum norms of respectability and decency. The Seller reserves the right to accept reject any application for initial allotment or for transfer of allotment of any Buyer without assigning any reason.
    4. The Possession of the Shop/Office shall rest with the Seller until full payment is made and other charges(extra payments) are recovered from the Buyer.
    5. Commencing from the date of notice for taking possession of the Shop/Office given by the Seller to the Buyer. The Buyer shall be liable o bear and pay all taxes, charges for electricity, gas, corner registration, legal fees and other service.
    6. The Buyer shall participate in the joint management and shall share expenses as per maintenance and management agreement to be signed by and between the seller and Buyer at the date of taking possession of the shop/Office.
    7. The Buyer shall use an office for the purpose of office work only.
    8. The Buyer shall follow all instruction issued by the Seller relating to the use of parking spaces, passages , common spaces and common facilities , maintenance & management & Neon Sign etc.
    9. On the date of opening ceremony of the project, it will be mandatory for he buyer to Open the Shop, otherwise allotment shall be cancelled and its actual investment will be refunded
    10. In case of Transfer of file by the allotte in favour of any other person, builder has the right to claim transfer charges.
  1. Construction of Project is planned to be completed in about 36 months time from the date of announcement of project. Any time loss due to natural calamities , force majeure, war, change in the polices of the Government , unavailability of building materials, circumstances beyond the control of the Seller, are not included. In such circumstance, the Seller may be forced to modify its material and construction schedule and specification.
    1. The Seller retains the right at all times to make minor changes in design and specifications consistent with the approved standards.
    2. Pursuant to strict compliance of clauses under this schedule, delivery of the Shop/Office for Physical possession within the specified period depends entirely upon the regular payments of installments by the Buyer. Any delay in payment will result in delayed delivery.


    1. The Buyer agrees to notify the Seller promptly of any change in his/ her address by registered post Until Such notice is received, the address given on the Application form will be presumed to be correct and valid.
  1. An amount of  Rs. 1000/- as service charges will be charged on each cheque returned for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Display sign to be controlled by Sellers.
  3. At delivery the areas may vary from advertised area by +- 10%
  4. Proposed measurement of the Shop/Office is……but at the time of final execution of sale deed and possession in favor of vendee consideration amount will be received / refunded according to the final measurement of the Shop/office in accordance with the settled rates at the time of booking


I/We hereby declare that/ we have read and understood the information given in the brochure and in Booking form , including schedule of payment attached herewith , and terms and conditions under this schedule , for booking of Shop/Office ate project I/We un-conditionally accept the same


I/We hereby further declare that/ We shall abide by the existing rules, regulations, conditions, requirement etc laid down by the Seller.