Considering the international standards the building of the mall is being built disaster resistant. It can bear an earthquake shock of up to 12 magnitudes.

To meet the safety needs of our valuable customers Golden Mall offers sound security systems. CCTV cameras will be installed on different locations for the purpose 0f constant monitoring by the security staff. Moreover security escorts will have to be hired in order to maintain the amity of the mall.

Ample space has been allotted for the prayer area in the mall.

For people’s comfort high quality escalators are to be installed in the mall in order to move from one floor to the other.

Along with escalators tube lifts have also been deployed.

Financial services have been made readily available to our customers in the form of Automated Teller Machines of all famous national and international banks operating out of Pakistan.

Free Internet WIFI facility has to be provided in the mega mall.

Lost and found facility has been made available for the people’s comfort.

On each floor a considerable spaces have been reserved for soft seating rest areas.

The whole building is centrally air conditioned therefore keeping the overall environment delightful.

Backup power generators have been deployed to keep the power flow alive.

Separate Public toilets for men and women have been made available.