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Golden Mall is a quantum leap in the terrain of shopping avenues in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We bring you not a mere abode for shopping; but a unique and dynamic experience where all the amenities and facilities are provided at one place in a very lively and throbbing fashion including central air-conditioning, public announcement system, modern-day security system, fire fighting system, rest & relaxation areas everywhere, food court and what not. Besides all these first class services the building itself depicts grandeur as it has been designed by conferring to the modern architectural schemes and techniques. It can endure an earth-quake of 12 magnitude, It is positioned on the ideal location of business and commercial pivot i.e. main Murree Road Rawalpindi, hence serves as the most handy place of shopping for the residents. The project has been taken over by the LAND BUSTER Pvt Ltd who’s responsible for conducting its sales and marketing functions, furthermore it will also administer its overall management.


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